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Pracitce Areas

Private Practice:  Civil Actions and Consultation, Lease, Land Use, Personal Damage, Contract, Employment

Family Law:  Custody of Children(Hague cases), Wills, Succession, Gurdian of Elderly Person

Corporate Practice: Contract, Commercial Transaction, Corporate Law, Employment Law, International


                          Trade Law, Intellectual Property Law, Special Liquidation Procedure, Bankruptcy procedures

Convention of the civil aspects of international child abduction (Hague Convention) cases 


    ADR and/or procedures of  Family Court in Japan for return or visitation.


    Attorney Fee: Japanese Yen 30,000/ hour (about $300/hour) plus tax



Private Practice




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Corporate Practice



Litigation/ Negotiaions

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​Succession, Gurdian of Elederly



Petition of Gardianship



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